BMS is a platform designed to maintain and manage the users’ data, tracking duplicate entries, and therefore reducing the mailing costs.
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There are thousands of addresses in the database, with the new ones added daily. When entering information, it is possible to make typing errors, misprints in characters, or even to create duplicates of existing entries. As a result, there can be situations, when one and the same person can receive one and the same letter several times, which, on the one hand, leads to the increase of mailing costs, and on the other hand, to the increase of data management expenses. You have to “clean” the database from “garbage” manually all the time.


To tackle the problem we have used the Levenshtein algorithm, which allows tracking the percentage of rows’ matchings. We have implemented this solution, so that when creating new address entries, the system will automatically find the similar ones, rank them from 100 to zero, and push the most relevant ones up. When entering a new address, an operator will see all the similar records and decide, whether to edit the old entry in case of a mistake, or create a new one. There were also added lots of filters that help to find an address more precisely and limit the search to a country or state. All the contacts have been organized into groups.


  • Mailing costs reduction due to the integration with the USPS.

  • Protection against Brute Force Attack.

  • Data export in the format required by the USPS provider.

  • Automatic search for duplicates in the system.

  • Arrangement of groups of contacts and addresses.

  • Automatic check and verification of addresses in the USPS.

  • Advanced search system.
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