Inventory Web Application is a platform created for simultaneous work of body shops and parts venders. The service allows managing sales at ease: manage the spare parts, order them from venders, draw up documentation, and much more.
Yii2 Angular HTML/CSS JavaScript


Thousands of users, body shops, and venders, as well as a great number of parts that are ordered and sold – how to unite all of these into a single platform that will be convenient for all the users to work with and at different management levels? We have found an appropriate solution to create a single and simple service that will allow working with these data.


We considered several platforms at the stage of negotiating the project’s details. As a result, we chose Angular as the one that allows creating modern design and building SPAs without extra efforts. Daily brainstorms with the customer made it possible to effectively work out the development strategy for the application. We also took into account all the architectural features of the service connected with the possibility of scaling it in the future. For the Back-end, we used Yii2 as a quality framework with good support and community.


  • Unlimited number of body shops and venders.

  • Possibility to issue invoices, purchase orders, etc.

  • Flexible means to control the access to the application: create user roles to manage the inventory, give user permissions and limit them, etc.

  • Drawing up reports, inventory schedules and much more.
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