Stargate is a multifunctional platform that aims at organizing application management on users’ mobile devices.


Laravel jQuery Blade HTML/CSS Docker





The project allows automating the daily routine tasks related to creating cloud accounts in iCloud/iTunes and their further linking to Apple mobile devices. The platform also registers applications from the AppStore in the Stargate service to organize the delivery process of these applications to users’ mobile devices. The project has a large community, the members of which should have a possibility to subscribe to group text messages in order to receive timely updates and keep up with the latest news.


As a software, we used PHP platform Laravel. In order to fulfil asynchronous tasks, we chose the Docker platform as a micro-service architecture tool suitable for our goals. To work with mass text messaging, we connected a Third-Party vendor and organized interaction with our mobile platform via the REST API. The chosen approach allowed us to achieve our goals with excellent results.


  • Automatic registration of iCloud and iTunes accounts

  • Possibility to add an application from the AppStore to the Stargate platform

  • Buying applications through Stargate for your device and managing them

  • Device management

  • Mass text messaging

  • Flexible access system, dynamic user roles

  • Multibranch application

  • Security

  • and much more!
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