The project “Sunday School” is a web application that helps to keep a record of students at a Sunday school. It allows simplifying registration procedure for new students, as well as data storage and transfer.
jQuery Laravel HTML/CSS


All the students at the Sunday school are grouped into grades according to their age: six-year-olds, seven-year-olds, etc. Each grade has their own teachers. All the data about students, their parents, and teachers, are stored in Excel files. As far as the kids grow up and move to the next grade each year, it is necessary to transfer all the information about them. It has to be done manually, which is very time-consuming and inconvenient. So, the Sunday school’s administration has asked us to create an appropriate tool to make the school management more convenient and easier.


We decided to build a web application that allows registering students in a system automatically. It also makes possible to group the students into grades, trace their age, and assign teachers for each grade. The system automatically calculates the age of the students each school year and transfers the students’ data into a new group. We also added automatic notification tools and mass mailing to deliver messages to parents and students.


  • QR code registration for students.

  • The lists of students are organized and controlled in a convenient way.

  • Control and keeping track of students’ groups.

  • Authorized access with a possibility to define roles and give permissions.

  • Mass mailing and automatic notifications for parents and students.
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